IST Keyworth


Click here to see a directory listing of packages (mostly Open Source software) which is available for downloading.

This includes items such as Netscape, the Gimp, the GCC compilers, the  Apache WWW server,  samba,  Emacs, perl, Java Developement Kit,...

Mostly, these are for UNIX but there are a few Windows NT packages. The UNIX software has been compiled and/or configured by us ready to be unpacked into /nerc/packages/.... in the usual way -

      gzcat   ....tar.gz  | tar xpf -

Also available here is our /nerc/packages/utilities which consists of a collection of smaller Open Source software packages useful for system administration, image manipulation, software development and so on ....

Following the EU Working Time Directive introduction here is a Win32 Perl kit for downloading to NT webservers. This software was commisioned by the IT Core Group and written by Steve Heaven.

Last updated: 24/07/2007