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What are the bootstrap printouts ? Why should I keep them ?

After each backup, you should find a printout labelled bootstrap from the Legato server. It is normally generated by the root user on the system Legato runs on, and normally printed on the default printer.

This printout allows you to recover a snap-shot of the /nsr/index/nsrhost/db file or directory. This allows you to recover the nsrhost index, and from there you can recover the Legato client indexes and anything else that may have been lost.

The main reason you will need them is to save time on recovers after a disk disaster.  If you lose the index disk, you will have no way of knowing what indexes are on which tapes. The bootstrap printouts get you around this problem easily.

If you have the  bootstrap record, you can locate the tape it's on, the SSID number and file location of the bootstrap. This allows for the index rebuilds to be much shorter than if all you know is the last bootstrap is on one of the 18 DLTs in your jukeboxes.

In the event of a real disaster, you must have the bootstrap info to stand any chance of getting back to a recent backup quickly. Store the printouts in the firesafe, along with the tapes.

Also make sure that you keep the server registration setup safe, although this is far less critical.  You can always do recovers from non-jukebox devices, even with an unlicensed Legato system. It is backups it will fail to do. Given this, you can recover /nsr/res into a new location, shutdown Legato, copy the recovered files into /nsr/res and then when you restart Legato it will once again be licensed.

With luck, you will never need this info. However, more than one site has required it in the past.

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