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NERC UNIX System Administrator's Guide

This document has been given its annual update during the translation from Interleaf to HTML and now includes links to all our recent online documents.


  1. Responsibilities and Management Issues
  2. UNIX Installations in NERC
  3. Work Instructions and Scripts
  4. The NERC File Structure
  5. NIS in the NERC File Structure
  6. The Automounter in the NERC File Structure
  7. Disks, Tapes, Partitions and Physical Directories
  8. Adding a User
  9. Adding Packages
  10. Maintenance and Distribution
  11. System V NERC boot enhancements
  12. NERC and the WAN
  13. Internet Security and Firewalls
  14. Printer spool management
  15. Legato Networker
  16. Utilities and other PD software
  17. Accessing UNIX from a PC
  18. FTP and World Wide Web
  19. Userids and Groupids
  20. Further Reading
  21. Useful scripts and methods
  22. Adding a local printer to a Sun Solaris box
  23. Booting from a CD when boot cdrom isn't the one you want
Last updated: 21/08/2001