NERC Sysadmin Guide: Chapter 22: Local Solaris Printer  
Adding a local postscript printer to a Sun SPARC computer.

Tested on a Sun Ultra/1 running Solaris 2.6 May 1998, with 2.6 Recommended Patches.
Presumes Developer Cluster solaris installation ( usual NERC installation )

1: Become the root user and change group to sysadmin

2: start admintool

3: Select Browse - Printers

4: Select Edit - Add - Local Printer

5: Give the printer a name and description as appropriate.

6: Select  Printer Type and File Contents as PostScript, even if you want ASCII printing as well.

7: Select a printer port, which is /dev/bpp0 for the first bi-directional parallel port on an Ultra/1,  /dev/ecpp0 on an Ultra/60. It probably contains the character string pp in the name.  admintool seeems to only look for /dev/bpp, if you have another parallel port interface you will need to enter it by hand by selecting "other"

8: Select the "default printer" button.

9: Press the "OK" button. This might complain that it cannot update the printer, but still successfully updates the system.

The printer is now configured for local operation by any user

You will need to add details of this printer to other clients if they wish to use this new printer.

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