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UNIX (and UNIX like) Operating Systems and Work Instructions

IST staff have considerable experience with those versions of UNIX shipped by Compaq , SUN Microsystems and SGI (Silicon Graphics) and have been getting working seriously with LINUX system administration lately ! We have also implemented several major systems and servers based on Linux. We have somewhat less experience with IBM (AIX) and HP (HPUX) UNIX systems.

Vendor Operating System Current Release
Compaq Tru64 Unix 4.0
SUN Microsystems Solaris 10
SGI IRIX 6.5.3
Open Source Linux 2.2

HP TRU64 unix used to be called Compaq TRU64 unix, before that it was called Digital Unix and before that, OSF/1

For information about these, we refer people to the respective vendors WWW sites: Compaq, Sun Microsystems and SGI

For information on Linux (and links to many, many more WWW sites) there are - ,the O'Reilly Linux Centre and the various distribution WWW sites such as - Red Hat , Debian , Caldera and Suse.

We should also mention the UK Linux User Group where you will find pointers to Linux conferences and local user groups.

A reliable and inexpensive source of Linux CDs in this country is the Linux Emporium

The releases which are listed in the table are what we will normally install on a computer, unless there is a reason not to (e.g. it sometimes happens that application software such as ORACLE is not "certified" with the latest OS release).

We do not generally recommend wholesale OS upgrades every time a new Release appears - we generally reckon on an interval between upgrades for a particular system of at least one year and not more than two years. However, this is far from being a hard and fast rule. The usual release times for Solaris and Irix are about every three months.

It should be noted, in this regard, that the "business model" for Unix operating systems is rather different from the "Microsoft" world - these companies do not get most of their revenue from customers buying upgrades every few years. Consequently, new releases tend to be evolutionary developments rather than hyped-up spectaculars !! In fact, it often happens that many of the "bullet items" of a new OS release also come out in a maintenance patch for earlier releases

If you have a unix SLA with us, we will visit your site to do installations and/or upgrades of these Operating Systems. We have written Work Instructions for this work and provide various scripts (/nerc/scripts/systems/.....) to automate this and these are available to those who have an SLA, if they would prefer this. Contact us for the password to download the Work Instructions.

As well as installations and upgrades, the "service" (what you get for your SLA) includes access to our "helpdesk" via telephone (01491 692346) or email for advice, problem resolution and so on.

Also we install and support a considerable amount of additional software (both commercial and Open Source) as well as the basic operating systems. Some of this is supplied with the operating system but is not appropriate for every unix machine, some is from the GNU people and so on. You can find pointers to this added value software here . It will be clear that the available software has a bias to "systems" and Internet networking. This added value software is also included in the unix SLA.

Dominic Feeley, 13 May 2009

Last updated: 24/07/2007